When you are looking for the right company with a team that loves to design, develop, and fix web content, to enhance and redevelop your business’s website then look no further than Rocket. Our team consist of tight knit group of people with a distinct and ever-evolving passion for making the web a better place through open source technologies.  Helping  companies increase website traffic and improve brand awareness by creating highly shareable content and employing intelligent SEO campaigns is our bread and butter however we do not limit ourselves at all.  We at Rocket employ the right talent and our teams excels at creating, managing and promoting cutting edge and search engine friendly websites, mobile applications, eCommerce and office applications. The highest level of customer service is expected of the entire team from Account Managers to our marketing crew. Our proprietary software organizes workflow and we take deadlines seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Through our leverage of the extensive capabilities of various third party and open source tools such as WordPress, Magento, Zen-Chart and Joomla we aim to advance technologies such as CakePHP, PhoneGap and CodeIgniter.  Our expertly trained and widely talented team of industry professionals is here to solve your website and SEO hosting problems.  Our background includes varied and extensive senior experience in virtually every aspect of web development from information architecture to content creation, intellectual property protection, driving traffic and SEO and analytics.

The Rocket team is here, capable, experienced and willing to enhance the strength of your business’s website.  We ensure that any projects we undertake will be completed both expertly and efficiently, on time and within your budget.



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